Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves!

We Ivo & Gino are the owners of Villa Siesta. This adventure started for us in 2014, this year we started looking for a holiday home in Moraira. Before the main season started that year, we opened the doors of our first house ''Villa Siesta'', now ''Villa Siesta Fanadix''. We were completely new to renting out a holiday home, but a passion we both have in common is hospitality and making people happy. We have always committed ourselves 100% to making our villa beautiful and well-maintained and to giving people a great holiday.

In 2019 we decided to purchase a second holiday home in Moraira to expand our passion. We rented out ''Villa Siesta Sabatera'' successfully and with great pleasure for almost 5 years and at the end of 2023 we decided that we wanted to take the next step. We purchased a different type of villa in Moraira at the beginning of 2024 and put ''Villa Siesta Sabatera'' up for sale. The house was sold within a week and we had to move quickly to get everything ready for the new season.

''Villa Siesta Royal'' was born and we want to appeal to a new target group with this beautiful home with a new unique style. After our first season in 2024, we will take care of the house and refurnish and decorate it in a new style, something different to other newly decorated villas. To be continued...

In short, we will do everything we can to serve everyone well with the best service and to meet all expectations.

Villa Siesta, your home on the Costa Blanca!